You May Need A ManFast!

Hi There-

Thanks for coming by to visit. I can assure you that if you take these words to heart and apply them to your life, it will be well worth your time.

I'm sure some of you may be wondering what is this ManFast all about. Let me begin by telling you what it is NOT.

ManFast is not...
Merely a decision to be celibate - it's much more than that

ManFast is not...
An all out assault against men and a forum to blame or bash them

ManFast is not...
An exercise to run yourself down or beat yourself up over the mistakes you've made

A ManFast is...

A time to turn away from unhealthy, ungodly relationships

A time to turn away people who lead you away from God's will

A time to turn away from desperately seeking a man

A ManFast is...

A time to turn and face the Father and ask Him to rearrange your life and order your steps into His perfect will. A ‘ManFast’ is turning away or abstaining from dating and sexual relationships for a spiritual purpose. In doing this, it will take your focus off of men who may not be meeting your needs and place it on God and what you need to grow in His purpose for your life.

Do you wonder if you need a ManFast? Go to and take the ManFast Survey.

Once you do, come back and share your thoughts with me.




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