A Time To Listen - A Time To Hear

Good Day My Sisters-

I hope this finds you well, happy and at peace.

However, if these terms seem foreign to you - something you've heard about - occasionally experienced, but they're not really a part of your every day life, then it may be time to listen - time to hear. For you see, your life, your heart, your spirit - the Father will speak to you and let you know what time it is. Your own behavior will reveal clues about the things that are out of balance in your life. The Father God is intimately acquainted with what's going on in His child's life and He'll whisper to you...'there is a better way, daughter'.

I remember several years ago when my children were much younger and my life was much more hectic. I was pregnant with number five, had a child in second grade, one in kindergarten and two in daycare. At the time, my husband worked a lot of hours and left home before dawn - so mornings for me meant that I would wake up and hit the floor running trying to get everyone up, dressed, fed and to the right place by the right time.

Then I'd work a long day at a stressful job (in the welfare office) then do it all over again in reverse that evening. In between there was housework, bills, laundry, cooking, homework, bedtime stories and I tried to maintain quality relationships with my husband, family and friends. During one long stressful season the days began to run together and as sleep eluded me, I felt like I was on autopilot - just going to the motions.

As the days melted into weeks and the weeks into months, I knew something was just not right. Not that I knew what to do or how to change my situation, I just knew my life was off kilter. Then without even realizing it there was one phrase I began hearing myself say from my heart, from my soul and the phrase was 'something's got to give'.

As I woke up in the morning tired from a restless night, I'd think, 'something's got to give'. When I struggled to get the kids in the car, buckled in and sitting still, I'd murmured 'somethin's got to give'. When my husband came home and ate, showered then collapsed into bed - giving me less than five minutes of his time and attention, I'd wipe away the tears and whisper, 'something's got to give."

It took several more weeks before I caught myself uttering what was really on my mind but my heart was afraid to admit. So I kept going, pushing myself all the while allowing myself to remain in that state of dissatisfaction. Things finally came to a head when I heard a message on the radio on the way to work one morning. A woman minister - to this day I don't remember who it was - but the word was right on time. It spoke to my heart and to my situation.

The word was about Rebekah - (Issac's wife from Genesis 25.) Rebekah was pregnant for the first time and I like many first time mothers she was working to make sense of what was going on within her body. I'm sure she compared notes with other mothers and realized that something about her situation was not going as expected. It turns out the she was pregnant with twins and in verse 22 Rebekah found herself uttering words that her heart may have been to afraid to admit.

The amplified version reads:

"And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so that the Lord has heard our prayer, Why am I like this? And she went and inquired of the Lord."

In other words, Rebekah was saying, "If all is well - if the Lord has given me what I asked for, then why is the such a struggle going on within me? In these words she is able to voice the inner conflict that was going on in her life. The good thing about her situation was that she had the wisdom to go and inquire of the Lord. And if you read on in the following verses, you'll find that the conflict in her womb foretold of the way her two sons would live their lives - the elder serving the younger in a conflict that lasts to this day.

The key to grasping the meaning of these truths involves understanding that when conflict exists within your own soul, your soul will let you know. You just have to be aware enough to know when its time to listen - time to hear. And this is so true when dealing with relationships - especially those that are sexual in nature with someone who is not your husband.

If you hear your heart whispering -

"He makes me sick..."

"I'm sick of him treating me like this..."

"When is he going to call..."

"If I don't give his some, he won't give me..."

"I just got some, but why do I feel so empty..."

"Having sex with him was a waste of my time..."

"Is this ever going to change???"

"I know I shouldn't but I need a man..."

If these are things you find yourself thinking, feeling or thinking - it's time to stop and listen. It's time to hear you own voice trying to permeate all the noise of your life.

If things are out of balance in your life - (too much time and energy spent on the wrong things)

If you feel like you're out of touch with yourself

If you feel like something's got to give...then it's time to listen - time to hear.

Begin by following Rebekah's advice and inquired of the Lord. He holds the blueprint for your life and He'll be able to show you exactly what's going on, what's going wrong and what you need to change. If your conflict does in fact involve those relationship that God hasn't ordained or blessed, it may be time for a ManFast. For more information - http://www.manfast.net/

As a footnote: In my own situation, after months of knowing that 'something's got to give'. it turns out that the Lord had already been dealing with my husband about letting me take some time off from work to stay home for a while after I had the baby. The thing is the Lord had been dealing with him for several months, but we'd been too busy, to involved in the day to day to take time to listen - to take time to hear.

So take my advice and learn from my story and Rebekah's story... It's time to listen - time to hear.


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