A Word From A Brother

Hello My Sisters,

I pray all is well with you and that God is blessing you coming and going! Today's post comes from a wonderful brother in the Lord who has a passion for women. Especially African American women. But it's not the kind of passion you may think. This brother, Eric Davis a.k.a. OLDHEAD, is an up and coming rap artist who's goin' hard for Jesus. This brother is bold in his faith and fierce in his approach to spreading the gospel and fiercely protective of his sisters.

In fact, he has a Facebook page called RESPECT WOMEN and he uses this venue to tell brothers we need to be respected and he tells them how to do it. What I love most is that OLDHEAD sincerely encourages sisters to come up higher and believe God for His best! (Sounds like me, huh!) Anyway, I'm sharing one of his pieces today and it is AMAZING!!!

Listen and hear my sisters:

Queens, Women, and Ladies, the time is now! Women have been taking advantage of, betrayed, demoralized and looked at as sex objects. The lack of respect from television, radio, and the general public has got to stop now!

 Ladies, you are not baby mamma's, hoes, sluts or gold diggers. You were created in GOD'S image, beautiful, classy, and fearfully and wonderfully made with great attitudes. You are more than just boobs and butts. Ladies, you have brains, personality and influence that will and is changing the world as we know it.

Now is the time to take a stand! If they will not give you respect, take it! Take it by praying to JESUS CHRIST and asking him to change how women are viewed and treated. Take it by not supporting anything that doesn't portray GODLY images of a women.

This means not buying music or watching shows that degrade and portray women as less than who they really are! If you don't want it, they will not play it on radio or air it on television! Ladies, this also means you have to change yourself, think more highly of yourself and place your trust and self-esteem in JESUS CHRIST.

Ladies, set higher standards, goals, and stick to them. Women, control your emotions. Do not let your emotions control you. There are great men out there; you just have to be a great woman.

A king without a queen is just a broken dream!

Help me help you women! Forward this blog to everybody you know. Join the RESPECT WOMEN Facebook page, invite all of your friends and get excited about your destiny and life in JESUS CHRIST!

Yours truly,

Eric Davis a.k.a. OLDHEAD

Proverbs 31

Didn't I tell you this brother was on point! Hear me when I say, it's worth it to work the ManFast process because here's proof that there are Godly brothers out there who will make some sister a quality husband! So come now and get on board. Go to www.manfast.net and take the ManFast survey to see where you stand.




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