Hello My Sisters~

Whenever we are confronting change in our lives the biggest challenge can be believing the best about ourselves. If we've made mistakes and fallen into a pattern of sin, it's hard to believe that we will ever see ourselves in a positive light. After all God has done for us in sending his son to die for our sins, we still don't see ourselves as worthy of his love.

But the truth is we are worthy. We are loved and treasured by God. Our daily challenge is to learn to walk in his love and manifest that love to others. It is my hope that is sharing the following words, that they will become your daily confession. In speaking these truths about yourself, I am convinced you will begin to see yourself as God does and celebrate all this is great and beautiful and joyous in you.

Be Blessed & pass it on!

The Final Stripping

I am a chosen one ~ created, called, destined and ordained to manifest the kingdom of God. I will do all that God has purposed for me to accomplish. I will not misstep. I will not fall behind. I will not miss the mark. I will be on time and on target every step of the way.

I have the covering of God’s favor over me. He walks by my side daily with His arm around my shoulders favoring me, supporting me and owning me. I have the wisdom of God in my heart and in my mind. I have His power, His might, His ability and His resources in my hands. I have His purpose and His vision guiding me. I have His knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I have an intimate knowledge of His will and desires. I hear His very heartbeat as He walks closely with me, keeping me encircled in His arms of protection. I am ever in His presence and evil cannot remain where God abides.

We’re in this thing together and His banner over me is love. He covers my weaknesses and infuses me with life and strength. I am His own and I am His friend! Nothing can separate me from the love of God.

But by the Grace of God I am what I am.

Lord, do with me what you will...I am yours. My life is yours. My path, my journey is established by you and you alone. And no matter what it looks like...No matter how many times the devil tries to kill me or hinder me or distract me, I will get to where God wants me to be. My past does not matter. My mistakes are my teachers. I am chosen by God. I have answered the call. I will fulfill all of my assignments. I will not fail.

I have been tested and processed. I have been reduced to nothing, yet I remain victorious in Jesus. I strip off the beggar’s garment and prison garb and clothe myself with the robes of righteousness that say ‘I am worthy’. I stand before the Lord of Glory, doing exactly what the Lord has called me to do. I believe God and I am not turning back!

I Believe God!

And a word for the enemy...

The God of peace will soon crush Satan’s head under my feet....Rom. 16:20


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