God's Got His Mind on Marriage and Marriage on His Mind!

It's True! God is prophetically speaking about marriage as never before! And many believers are sensing this yearning in their heart to become one with the One God has chosen for them. That's because God is stirring up that desire in their hearts!

In Ecclesiastes 3:8, God says there's "A Time To Love!" And for some, that time is soon!

As this season of love approaches, the Father, in His grace, has ordained a Season of Preparation! He's taken the divine initiative and released specific wisdom in this hour, so that His people will understand His heart and His intentions concerning love, romance, sexuality and the covenant of marriage.

Before you step into marriage, He needs you to know what you're doing, why you're doing it and how to get it right the first time! That way, you'll be blessed in your marriage, others will be blessed by your testimony and God will get the glory!

You don't have to suffer the shame, sadness and disappointment that happens when relationships fail because the couple entered the covenant without the instruction and approval of God!

ManFast Ministries International is a part of this divine mandate to teach and train women who sense the call of God to prepare for marriage!

Our "ManFast" Class lays out the foundation of God's plan for love and romance. It addresses the pitfalls of sexual sin and helps women overcome the pain of their past. ManFast helps guide women to a lifestyle of wholeness, celibacy and intimacy with God. This class is the first step in positioning yourself to become a Godly wife!

The "Unlocking the Keys to Praying For Your Husband" Class, teaches women about the role of 'Wife as Intercessor'. Prayer is an essential element in raising up and sustaining a strong, prosperous marriage and you must be able to flow in this area before you say I DO! This course teaches the Seven Key Areas God calls you to pray over your husband so he will be able to stand as the Godly leader and the pillar of your home.

If God is whispering to your heart that the time to love is drawing near, then now is the time get prepared!

Visit www.ManFast.net for registration information!

Be Blessed~

Melissa Ewell Miller
ManFast Ministries International
Founder & Facilitator


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