I'm Not Waiting & I'm Not Lost!

I hear a lot of people saying, "Don't be in a rush to get married! Be patient! Wait on God! Get somewhere, sit down and wait to be found!"

I agree that God's timing is perfect and we need to follow His lead concerning everything in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships! 

However, I take offense (yes, offense) at the idea that because I'm unmarried, yet one day, desire to be married, that I am reduced to "waiting" to be "found" by a man! As if I'm clueless and in the dark about my life and my future so I must need a knight in shining armor to come and rescue me, so my life will have purpose and meaning! 

Now before you throw your Bibles at me, let me explain!

First of all, I don't need to be "found" because I'm not lost! I'm hidden in Christ! And that's a huge difference!

In fact, I'm safely tucked in My Father's lap, wrapped in the train of His glory and resting my head on His chest... Not because I'm afraid or sad or lonely, but because I'm LISTENING to His heart!

You see, Me and My Father... My first love... are locked in the most intensely intimate relationship! We spend hours together talking, sharing and discussing everything about me and my life and this world that I'm called to impact with my presence. He's giving me countless promises of the blessings to come, as He enlarges my heart and prepares me to receive each and every one! He's talking to me about my true authentic identity and revealing the gifts He's placed in me, teaching me to use them to bless His kingdom and to reach the lost.

He's even talking to me about My Husband! He's telling me all about this precious man of God, who I don't yet know but already love because the Father loves him and He says I can trust this man with my heart. The Father is teaching me to pray for him and preparing me for the moment when this godly man will step into my life. He's working on my heart and giving me the grace and the wisdom to be a godly wife and mother. 

And yes, He's talking to me about His timing... Not because I'm impatient, but because My Father does nothing without informing me first! It's His nature to prepare me for what's to come so that I'm able to effectively flow according to His plans! 

So understand that I am not stuck in some spiritual vacuum called, "The Waiting Zone" where all the single people go while they're "waiting" for love to show up and their life to "really" begin! And I'm not sitting somewhere in the dark, weeping and crying, begging and pleading for any-old-body to come and rescue me from the despair of singleness! NO WAY! That's not where I am and it's not what I'm doing!

I'm in full-blown preparation phase! Working and moving in my God-given purpose, speaking what I hear God say to create what God says I can have! I'm working and moving toward that season of my life when God brings love and romance according to His divine design for me!  

And yes, I'm looking too! Why? Because God has whispered to my heart that my time for love is drawing near! Therefore, I'm like that watchman who watches for the first light of the morning.... Not because I'm afraid of the dark, but because I know that the dawning of a new day, marks the beginning of a new season in my life! 

So I'm working toward that season, watching for that shift to occur, listening to hear My Father announce, 

"Daughter, it's time to rise up and possess the promise of love...
To embrace the man I've created you to love 
To make the vows and enter into the covenant
That will shape the rest of your life and impact all those around you!

And I whisper in response...

"Father, I'm ready....

"To have and to hold,
For better or for worse,
In sickness and in health,
To love, honor and cherish,
Until death parts!"


Psalms 130: 6 ~ I wait for the Lord
more than watchmen wait for the morn...
more than watchmen wait for the morn...

Amen & Amen!



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