Jesus is Yet Alive!

At this time of year, there's so much emphasis placed on the fact that Christ died for us! And while that's something we need to fully embrace and celebrate, the greater revelation is that Christ arose with all power in His hand and that He's yet alive today! While celebrating what He did, way back then, don't forget that His power is still available, right now, to all who believe and put their faith and trust in Him!

So rather than struggle with sin issues, spiritual darkness and being hindered by the weakness of your flesh, why not make a demand, today, on the power of the risen Christ, to set you free! Ask for an outpouring of His anointing to consume you and completely turn your life around and make you over again, from the inside out!

There's no sense in celebrating His death, burial and resurrection, but not walking and living in the fullness of His mighty power!!!


Melissa Ewell Miller
ManFast Ministries International


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