Even in My Singleness, I Belong to a Man

Even in my singleness, I belong to a man. 

A very special, very unique man, who God has created just for me and no other. 

I may not know who he is, where he lives or what he does for a living, but I know that God is preparing him to love me with his whole heart, soul, mind and body; and to cover me as the pillar of strength in our home. 

I know that God has chosen me to be his trusted and loyal friend; and preparing me to love him with my whole heart, soul, mind and body and to cover him as the chief intercessor over his life.

Therefore, I cannot get sidetracked, distracted or delayed by giving my time, attention or my body to men who I do not belong to.

I'm on a journey to become the amazing wife of the one awesome, anointed man, who God has created just for me.

I belong to that man and no other! Only He is Worthy of Me!

If you believe this, then receive this! Make it your confession, your mindset and your lifestyle!

I Certainly Am~



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