Has God Shown Me My Husband??? Part #2

Here's the Part II answer on the question... (Part #1)

"I think God showed me the person I'm supposed to marry. Is that really God or is it me?" 

What if you pray again and God says, "No... That's not the one."?

What do you do if you missed it?

What if you misunderstood what God said?

What if you mistook a person's kindness as an open door to love?

What if the person makes it crystal clear that they are NOT The One... because they marry someone else...or they tell you to go away and leave them alone... Or it just doesn't work out???

Where do you go from there???

Here's where you go: First thing's first...

~ Accept what God has said! Don't argue. Don't beg. Don't whine and Do Not try to manipulate God or the situation. IT WILL NEVER WORK! God has the final say and He knows what's best for you!

~ If God says, 'No', trust that He has His reasons and those reasons may have nothing at all to do with you. In fact, once He closes a door, it's no longer your business to know what's going on behind that door. So walk away and don't look back!

~ Move on to what God has for you! Just because the promise involving one person fizzles out, doesn't mean that the promise of love is lost forever! No matter what happens in the natural, God's promise to bring love and romance into your life is an eternal promise, that's birthed out of His heart. And that promise still stands. Remember to keep your eyes on the Promise-Giver and not just focused the promise.

~ No matter how well you think you would mesh with someone, no matter how clearly you can see yourself with that person, if they're not yours by God's design, then they actually belong to someone else!

The Ten Commandments, the hallmark of our Christian faith, makes it very plain in Exodus 20:17 ~

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife..." Or Husband for that matter!

The word 'covet' means to desire or take pleasure in. So if you desire or take pleasure in the idea of being married to someone who God did not ordain for you, then you need to back it up and leave it alone!!! If you get messy and start messing in other people's relationship, you will stir up God's displeasure against you and end up stifling the blessings in your own life. Not a good move!!!

What God has for 'you', is for you! But what God has for 'your sister', is for her!!! And nothing you can do will change God's mind!

If you find out that you have missed God in this area, no worries! We all miss God from time to time. None of us are perfect except Jesus. So forgive yourself, leave it in the past and turn your attention and your affections toward the Father!

In Him you'll find peace for your soul, the fullness of joy and the detailed, specific plans for your life! Including those for love and romance! So that's where you need to be!




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