SEX: God's Divine Design

Sadly, the devil has really done a number on our mindset when it comes to sex. He's flipped it, stripped it and turned it all the way out, to the point that he has people doing any and everything, all nasty and twisted, while trying to call it a good thing! 

God Forbid!!! 

The reality is, Sex was Created by God, According to His Divine Design! 

As His ultimate love creation, God presented sex as a gift to be enjoyed by married couples. He never intended for sex to be experienced outside of the marriage bed and He can't be held responsible if you engage sex, outside of His will, then end up getting your heart ripped to shreds. Now He will heal your heart... But He also tries to warn you before your heart gets broken.

When God created sex, He had very specific intentions about what sex represents and how it's to be used. Here are a few of those reasons:

~ First and foremost, He wants to bless His people and give them the love they need, in every area of their lives. Even in the most intimate of relationships... in marriage... He reserves and ordains the sexual encounter as the physical expression of the emotional and spiritual love a husband feels for his wife and the love a wife feels for her husband.

~ In order to ensure that the knowledge of His love and His blessings are passed from generation to generation, God created sex to procreate, to reproduce life and to raise up future generations who will honor, appreciate and lovingly serve Him. Ideally, children should learn from their parent's example of love, so they'll know how to give and receive love, in the way that will allow God to release His greatest blessings on their lives!

~ Aside from procreation, God created sex to be pleasurable... to be physically and emotionally fulfilling, to help keep a couple's marriage fresh and exciting... To keep the home fires burning hot, so their lifelong connection remains strong and satisfying.

In other words, God fully intends for the marriage bed to be a sexual haven! A private, intensely personal paradise, an especially designed oasis where a couple can experience love, passion, renewal and restoration! An escape from the daily worries of life, where they can replicate the same environment that God created for Adam and Eve and fully benefit from God's divine design! 

God desires that a married couple experience love and sex in such a way, that their love grows stronger and their bond gets better and better as they mature, grow closer and become more intimately, acquainted one with another! Where they sit before each other, naked and unashamed, with nothing to hide and nowhere to hide anything. Where they can unlock God's love secrets, that will produce a life-time of pleasure and sexual satisfaction!

I realize that some may be uncomfortable using the words "God" and "Sex" in the same sentence. But know this...

The act of sex itself, is designed by God as a physiological process that works wonders for the physical body. When it's done according to God's will, sex can be fully experienced on a totally different level, beyond what natural man can try to contrive or imitate. Embracing sex according to God's will, means that it's with the right person - in a committed, God-endorsed, legally-recognized marriage, approached with the proper intentions and a clear understanding of the power of the marriage bed.

Therefore, when a couple engages in sex under these conditions, the act of sex can produce a physical, emotional and mental release that allows one to slip into a state of complete relaxation and experience truly restorative rest. In this state, stress is alleviated as the chatter and noisiness of life ceases. The mind is allowed to shut down and be rested and renewed, then once awakened, the mind is sharp and clear and ready to take on the duties and challenges of the day. 

As a result of the physical exertion of the sex act, the culminating release and the restorative rest, the body has a chance to be rejuvenated and regenerated, just the way God designed. The more a couple is able to maximize this untapped power of the marriage bed, their desire for one another is enhanced, because the sex act becomes so empowering! As they engage sex more often, getting their fill of the sweet fruit of one another's gardens, their love grows more intense and their commitment grows deeper and stronger with time and experience!

Now, I'm sure some are thinking, "But isn't sex like this for everyone?"

In response I'd say this...

You may have had some good sex... even great sex with someone you're not married to.

But you'll never really know how amazingly great sex can be, until you experience sex according to God's divine design! Mainly because sex according to God's will comes with no shame, no guilt and no condemnation!

If you never get into alignment with God's will for sex, which is within a committed marriage relationship, you won't have God's approval and He won't release all that He could upon your life, because you're out of His will. And God will never violate His word or make excepts for some, while holding others to a higher standard. If He did that, He wouldn't be a just God!

If you're married, but you're not faithful and you don't honor your marriage vows, then you'll never discover the true power of the marriage bed. Granted, marriage takes work and it takes commitment. But even if you have challenges in your marriage, you can ask Him to anoint your marriage bed and rekindle the love you need to stay faithful to your spouse.  

If you position yourself in agreement with God and ask Him unlock the hidden wisdom about your spouse - what they need to be fully satisfied and how you can pleasure them until their toenails curl - He will give you exactly what you need! 

If you seek Him, as the ultimate source of all sexual pleasure, and ask Him to teach you how to love your spouse, unconditionally, outside the bedroom, then He'll reveal all the sex secrets He intended for you to experience when He came up with the entire concept of marriage. 

Understand that sex is only a part of marriage, but love is at the very core! Eros, or Erotic love, is one thing... But it's the true Agape love - the God kind of Love - that should be your motivation and the driving force in your marriage. Apart from this kind of love, sex will become just any other chore you have to perform as a spouse... like working, paying the bills, cooking, cleaning and washing the car!

Thank God, it doesn't have to be this way! If you yield to God, submit to His will and learn His ways, then you can tap His mindset and lay hold of all the hidden treasures of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, that will allow you to experience the power that reside within the marriage bed!

OR.... You can keep getting your freak on with every Tom, Dick and Raheem, or every Sally, Susie and Walisha... Roaming from bed to bed, getting a piece of sex here and a little pleasure there, but never really getting emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. Plus, all that illicit sex, comes with a very high price and a lot of baggage... like guilt, sadness and disappointment that comes with superficial, counterfeit love.

For when you engage in sex outside of God's divine design, you'll never even scratch the surface of the power-packed, supernatural, love-charged, mind-blowing experience that God created for those who love Him enough to fully obey His will!

Mark 7:37 says that the Lord does all things well! And that includes love, romance and SEX!

Isn't it time you get in agreement with Him so you can experience all the good things He has in mind for you???

Selah... Think on this thing!



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