The Journey of Discovery

The World Calls it Dating... Some in the Church Call it Courtship... 

God calls it The Journey to Discovery! 

It begins as someone appears in your life...

This initial encounter captures your attention, as you sense the fragrance of their essence and you think,

"There's just something about them..."

As their presence in your life awakens something deep within your soul, the desire to learn more about this divine connection is stirred  and you're drawn even closer.

At this point, this experience goes much deeper than the superficial, as you're driven to discover if the essence of the person is an actual, factual representation of their true, authentic nature.

If it's truly God and everything is moving according to His timing, then you'll begin to discover that this person actually possesses all of the characteristics and the qualities that you desire in a mate.

With this mutual discovery taking place in both of you, simultaneously, that's when the possibility of love is birthed deep within your hearts and the promise of God's blessing becomes a certainty!

The joy that then explodes in your hearts, erupts as high praise in the heavens, as the two, who are destined by God to become one, actually step into the fullness of His divine plan for their lives!

So we can't take this process lightly! We can never move outside of God's will and we can never move ahead or fall behind God's order and timing! This journey is much too exquisite, much too beautiful, too awe inspiring to miss...

That's why we must step into God's flow, right now, and allow Him to prepare us, perfect us and lead us in His perfect way! Trust me... It's all for our good and for His glory!

Amen & Amen~



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