The Truth About Shacking!

Let's be real... There are simply some things that God just will not bless. A relationship where an unmarried couple is living together in a sexual relationship is one of them. 

No matter how you try to explain it, justify it, and make seem alright in your own heart and mind, God will never say, 

"I understand... I know your heart. Go ahead and live in sin. I'll make this one exception for you because you're special!"

God would never say that because that goes against His word. It goes against His plan for love and romance and He knows that it's not His best for you! God loves you, so very, very much that He sent His son to die for your sin! So why would He agree that it's okay for you to live in that same sin that Jesus died to deliver you out of??? 

No matter what pretty lie you tell yourself, it's time you face the ugly truth! God is not in agreement you living in a sexual relationship with someone you're not married to. These two words in 2 Corinthians 6:18 say it all:


You just can't make it any plainer than that! You can't flee fornication if you're going to bed with it every night and waking up next to it every morning! And you can't expect God to bless something that He has not ordained. 

Many women who are in this situation get into it and stay in it for various reasons. But when they realize that it's not as emotionally satisfying or spiritually fulfilling as they need it to be, they start praying and asking God to make the situation better. 

But honestly... That's the wrong prayer! What you should be praying is this:

"Father God, thank you for loving me enough to tell me the truth about myself and my situation. I know I'm living far beneath the blessed lifestyle that you want me to experience. Please forgive my sin and the poor choices I've made. I ask you to change my heart on this matter and give me the grace to change my circumstances. Give me the wisdom to know if I should marry this person so that our relationship will line up with your word. Or if this person is not the one you've chosen for me, then give me the strength to walk away. No regrets. No going back. No looking back! 

In Jesus' name, Amen!"

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