Time to get Unmasked!!!

For some of us, the idea of finding love, of being in love, getting married and sharing that level of intimacy, is a sore spot because we know things about ourselves and our past that's not so lovely!

We think, if people knew our real story, they'd run as far away as possible, as fast as they could get away! But there's really no need to be afraid when you factor God into the mix!

The reality is this: 

We've all got something we need the blood of Jesus to cover! 

No matter what mask we wear or what costume we put on, we've all got some junk that only God can purge and cleanse. 

Some people's junk is just more obvious than others... More stinky or ugly or painful. 

But no matter how horrible or disgusting we think it is, none of it scares God! 

None of it will drive Him away from us! 

He knows our story and He loves us anyway... just the way we are, because He sees us through the eyes of love and through His ability to change us! 

Yes, Change Us! He loves us way too much to let us stay in that foul condition! 

So He's coming to restore us - To heal, cleanse and beautify us! We just have to let Him get close enough to work on us!

He's Able & He's Faithful! You can trust Him and let Him in! 

If you're struggling to put your past behind you, ManFast can help! Our ministry team is available to pray for you or answer questions that may be weighing down your heart. Email us @ ManFast@ManFast.net 



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