Understanding God's Timing

Many feel the desire in their hearts to be married, 
yet they don't understand...

Why is it taking so long??? 

Here are some things that God is saying on this matter:

~ Some are being hidden to avoid getting overwhelmed by counterfeits. When God is preparing you for marriage, there's literally a spiritual fragrance that's released from your life that men can pick up on. This fragrance and the beauty of God on your life will draw men to you and they may not even know why they're coming. However, the one God has for you will show up with a mandate from God and he will know who you are and why he's come into your life. Therefore, to keep you from having to sift through so many random inquiries, God is keeping you closely guarded and covered by His hand until everything is properly aligned, so the right relationship can take place at the right time.

~ Some are out of position. Seriously, you may need to move to connect with the one God has for you. Don't just move out of anxiety or a desire to make something happen. But if God has been dealing about you moving to a new city, a new home, a new job, a new church... then be obedient! That may very well be the shift that needs to happen for you to make that divine marriage connection.

~ Some just need to be obedient...PERIOD! God has told you to do to something specific to prepare for marriage (as in take a ManFast Class), but you have yet to obey God's instruction. You keep saying you're waiting on God to move and He's actually waiting for you to obey! SO BE OBEDIENT!!! God's promises are time-sensitive and you don't want to miss out on what He has for you!

~ For some, the word of the Lord is to YIELD!!! God wants to work in your life, to bring healing, deliverance and restoration in your soul, but you won't get still under His hand. For whatever reason, you won't give Him the time and the space to work on your heart. So you need to be like Adam and lay down before the Lord, go to sleep and let Him work! Psalms 46:10 says "Be still, and know that I am God," and this is what needs to happen.

~ Lastly, some simply need to continue to be patient. Timing is not always about you. Just like preparing for a wedding, there are many elements that go into preparing for marriage and each person needs the time to prepare and to get ready. So for you, the word of the Lord is James 1:4, "But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

These revelations may not be for everybody, so ask God if any of these applies to you. More than anything, the Father wants you to be at peace as you walk out your journey to love. 

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Be Blessed~ 



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