A Lesson on Being Still

As a Relationship Expert... A Saved, Single, Committed Christian Relationship Expert, I have a lot singles reaching out to me with questions about relationships, dating and marriage. 

By far, most seem to struggle with the questions like this...

"Why is it taking so long???

"When will God hear my prayer and sent my mate?"

"When am I going to find my wife?"

"When am I going to be found by my husband?"

The issue of time, timing and waiting is most worrisome to a lot of singles who just want to find love and experience the bliss of romance. You dream of enjoying the sweetness of the bride and the bridegroom as you come together to revel in the exquisiteness of holy, sexual passion as ordained by God.

I feel you... It's tough to stay encouraged when you know what you want, but it’s just not happening and you just get tired! You're tired of playing relationship games, tired of being alone, tired of getting humped and dumped, tired of waiting for love to happen, and the last thing you want to hear God say is... "WAIT"!

But that's because you may not understand what waiting on God is all about! 

Waiting is not boring, idle time. It's a purposeful activity where you're constantly learning something from God! It's a time when He can teach you things about marriage, love, commitment and serving by watching, observing, discovering, listening, and learning to cooperate with God!

And that's so important, because if you never learn how to cooperate with God, how will you ever learn to cooperate with a mate?

If you never learn to listen to God, then how will you learn to listen to your mate and  really connect with what they're saying? 

If you can't be patient with God and trust Him to make things beautiful in His own time, then how will you ever trust your mate to follow through with their promises, without nagging them to death?? 

And if you can't learn to cooperate with your mate and really listen to one another, then how will you two get along???

The short answer is... "YOU WON'T!" 

But you will fuss, fight, argue, accuse and struggle until you start to resent each other, when you realize that don't like this person as much as you thought you did!

That's why God says to "Be still and know that I am God."

To know God means to discover Him as He is and accept Him for who He is and what He can do for you. It means to have first hand knowledge of His thoughts, emotions, feelings, and His ways. When it comes to relationships, knowing God means to tap into His mind and His vast, immense understanding of love and the one He's created you to love!  

That means, when you inquire of Him on the regular, with the intention of getting to know Him, He can teach you how He finds a million ways to love you, when you've given Him a million reasons not to! 

He can teach you to be as patient with your mate as He's been with you and He can teach you how to love your spouse for a lifetime because He's loved you for an eternity! 

That's why you need to give Him some face time, so He can give you all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you need! If you make the effort, He'll get you ready to receive and flow the right way when He sends love your way!

So get somewhere and get still... be quiet... listen to the Lord and let Him show you something. Remember... Preparation is never time wasted!




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