Come Up Higher!

I hear the Lord say, "COME UP HIGHER!!!! Come to me in prayer... Come to me in worship... Draw near to me from within the secret place of your heart and I will give you what you need!"

You've been struggling and suffering in that low place long enough! It's time to Come Up Higher until you can reach the Father and be touched by His loving hand! 

Come up higher, out of the muck and mess of sin and compromise! It's time to get free from those entanglements that keep pulling you back into the same sins, over and over again. Look to God for help and wisdom, to lead you away from temptation and to deliver you from the tricks and snare of the enemy's evil plans. 

Come up higher, away from the company of complainers you've been running with! Their doubt-filled, fear-filled words are like a dark heavy fog that's blocking your vision and stealing your ability to see things the way the Father does. Their negativity is like a thick wall that's surrounding you, and impeding your ability to make forward progress! 

Come up higher, where the air is fresh and clean and filled with breezes that whisper of hope, purpose and possibility. Come up higher by making the choice to think on a higher plane. Make the choice to shift the atmosphere in your life by bring in a new sound and new voices of encouragement, joy and peace. 

Come up higher, by gathering among those who chose to keep company with the Father. Join yourself to those who walk under the shadow of the Father's hand. Connect with those who flow in the power and in the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that their anointing will fall on you and help bring you higher and propel you forward!  

I hear the Lord say, "COME! Come to me in prayer... Come to me in worship and I will give you everything you need!"

The invitation has been extended and the door is wide open! So Come Up Higher and See What the Father has for You!




Fiskgyrl said…
Thanks Melissa, you are truly a blessing! You plant seeds in many's heart that will bear fruit. My friend and I practically daily discuss your postings. Please don't ever think what God pours through you falls on deaf ears. I pray that you receive triple what you give!
Amen!!! I say YES LORD!!!
Wow! Thank you for these sweet words of encouragement! This blesses me! I pray that these posts are landing on soft ground and being planted in tenders hearts. Thank you for the confirmation! It so appreciated! And I gladly receive that triple blessing!!! Be Blessed!
Amen, Princess Nozi! We are soaring higher and higher!!! GLORY!!!!

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