Have You Been Benched By God???

This is something God placed in my spirit to share with you:

Some of you really desire God to bring your mate into your life. This is something your heart yearns for and it's a prayer that stays on your lips. 

The Father is saying that He's heard your prayer and He has the same desire in His heart for you. He has not denied your request!

However, He's also saying this... 

"I will give you the desire of your heart, but it has to be my way and not yours! 

I love you so much and I want you to have my best! But I also want you to be at your best when you enter the marriage covenant. For you to experience my best in marriage and be successful in this relationship, it will take time and preparation. 

If you're not adequately prepared for marriage, you'll not reap the full measure of my intentions concerning marriage.

You must come to me and be taught by my Spirit to receive all the wisdom, counsel and instruction you need, so you'll know how to fully embrace and walk out this vision. It will not come any other way! 

I am done with seeing abusive, broken, dysfunctional and ineffective marriages in my kingdom. No more aborted purposes and derailed dreams where love and marriage are concerned. I refuse to release my precious daughters and sons into situations that will produce unnecessary pain, brokenness and heartache in their lives. 

I would rather delay you indefinitely, than to see your heart crushed and your image of me and my beautiful creation distorted! 

Therefore, I will keep you in hiding, on the sidelines and out of the game until you're ready to yield to me, cooperate with me and allow me to sufficiently prepare you to step into the role and effectively flow as a Godly spouse. 

If you decide to step out on your own, without undergoing the preparation process that I've established specifically for you, know that you will not experience my absolute best. 

I know the love I have for you...
I know the thoughts I think toward you...
I know the plans I have to bless your life... 

Be assured, those plans are all a part of the love story I've written for you, and that story is hidden deep within my heart. It will only be revealed and released into your heart through intimacy with me.

Therefore you must take time... Make time... Fight for the time to spend with me! Preparation is never time wasted!"

Please hear and receive the word of the Lord! Please obey whatever instructions He's spoken to your heart. If you want to walk in His blessings, then you must follow His lead and obey His directions.

Amen & So Be It!



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