Letting Go... Mementos & All!

It's really hard to let go of a past relationship when your life is filled with reminders of that person. If you still have pictures, clothes, gifts and even jewelry that were given to you by that person, whether you realize it or not, those items represent memories and they can keep you tied to the past and to that person. 

Those mementos can be constant reminders of what you once had, when they represent a voice of disappointment that still grieves over what could have been. They can be like a recurring whisper of a hope denied, that crosses your mind, stirring up a fresh sadness over what was lost. When those items are a part of your daily life, they can be like a door stopper that's keeping the door open to that past relationship and this can hinder your forward progress! 

Rings are especially significant because they represent the bond you once shared. When a relationship ends, for whatever reason, rings may need to be worn on a different finger, returned to the giver, stored away out of sight or sold or given away. It may not be necessary to completely get rid of a ring, but it definitely needs to be given a new place of significance in your life to represent a clear distinction from the past.

The same goes for clothes, music, old diaries, letters and photos. You'll know an object is an issue, if seeing it, wearing it or touching it takes you back to a time and space that you once shared with that person. The individual may no longer be around physically, but when an item holds a strong enough connection to your experiences with that person, you can find yourself back in that place, experiencing those same emotions you felt back then. 

When this keeps happening, then it's time to deal with that item, because the longer you "stay" in that old place, wallowing in those old emotions, the harder it is to let go, get free of the past and get fully healed! 

Now you may be glad that the person is gone and you can say, "Good Riddance" with a confident heart! But if there are items still lurking around, that stir up a sense of loss, pain, anguish or anger, then you definitely need to put some distance between you and those items, so you can finally make peace with your past, securely close that door and move on to better things. 

While painful in the moment, completely purging someone from your life may be necessary, if you truly desire to move on. If you know you've tried to let go, yet you're struggling to make a clean break, then it may be time to de-clutter your home and your heart! 

That may be the only way to make room in your life for the new love that's to come! 

Just Something to Think About...



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