Say What???

Be careful about taking relationship advice from so-call relationship "experts" who've never had a lasting, satisfying, successful relationship! They can't lead you somewhere that they've never been.

Don't get me wrong... There are a lot of great voices out there who are sharing good, positive, balanced advice on relationship issues. There are several who I follow personally and I regularly share their words of wisdom with those who follow me.

HOWEVER... I can't say that about everyone!

If someone is always sharing their opinions and personal experiences, that are more negative than positive, then how is that helping others?

If they spend a lot of time running down the opposite sex, then how is that encouraging your faith and strengthening your vision for a great relationship?

If they're giving out tips on how to cheat, run game or make yourself more sexually appealing, then that advice could actually do more harm than good!

Be wary of male "experts" who never have anything good to say about women and be wary of female "experts" who never have anything good to say men!

Useful, purposeful relationship advice is a balanced blend of the word of God and practical wisdom that can be applied to your life and will yield a desired result!    

Let me clarify... Being married is not required to be able to give great advice, but an "expert", must flow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to be effective and not lead people astray!

Hope this helps!



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