We're Believers... But Are We Equally Yoked???

You may have someone in your life who you're eyeing as a potential mate. When you look at them, your heart starts pounding and your belly starts to quiver because you really, really like what you see!

You get along great, you have a lot in common, you have great conversations and you share similar interests. There's definitely an intellectual connection, a physical attraction and maybe even a bit of sexual chemistry. 

Everything seems to be perfect.... Except when it comes to the issue of their faith! 

You know they're a believer, because they attend church, which is great... But if their level of commitment is not the same as yours, then you could be unequally yoked!

Even though they show up for church every Sunday, play gospel songs as their ringtone and post spiritual sayings on their Facebook page, being fully yielded to God is a completely different thing. They can have every appearance of being a strong, committed Christian, but that doesn't mean they're right for you when it comes to spiritual depth. 

How can that be, you ask? Well consider this:

If you're pursuing God with all you've got, but they don't think it takes "all that"  ...
You're unequally yoked! 

If you can't survive without prayer and fasting, while they would rather cut off their arm than miss a meal ... You're unequally yoked!

If you can't miss Bible study because the Word of God is like honey in your mouth, but they can take it or leave it ... You're unequally yoked!

If you're passionately pursuing your God-given purpose and they're not even sure they have one ... You're unequally yoked!

If you're operating in your gifting and flowing under a mighty anointing, but they never seemed to moved or impacted by your ministry ...

Then You're Definitely Not Equally Yoked!

Your God-ordained mate will not only be blessed by your ministry, they will be committed to doing everything within their power to support you in your ministry! When a person does not recognize, appreciate or celebrate the work of God in your life, there's no way that you can be or should be spiritually or physically yoked to that person!

Even if you're both saved, but you're operating on different spiritual levels, you won't be able to flow together spiritually because you don't perceive God or the things of the spirit in the same way. On the surface, it may seem like you're both heading in the same direction. But when you look past the superficial and you don't see any real evidence of spiritual agreement, then you're not on the same page! In fact, you may not even be in the same library! 

You can say all day, "He's a man of God," or "She's a woman of God," but if they're not as fully yielded to God as you are, then that's not good enough.

As a mature man of God, you need a wife who's fully yielded to God so He can unlock for her, the secrets to loving and supporting you in the way you need to be loved and supported. This is not something you can explain to her. It must come by revelation and instruction from the Holy Spirit. If she's not intimately acquainted with the Holy Spirit, then she's going to be lacking in wisdom when it comes to loving you, serving you, ministering and interceding for you!

As a woman of God, you need a husband who can cover you spiritually, which means he needs to be on a level where he's not only spiritually deep, but spiritually tall enough to cover you! His heart needs to be large enough to love you unconditionally and his spiritual shoulders need to be broad enough to carry you and the vision for your home and family. This means you can't be bothered with someone who's still drinking spiritual milk when you've been called, anointed, appointed and sent to minister to the nations!

When you're unequally yoked to a spiritually immature person, it can feel more like you're dragging your mate behind you instead of being uplifted and supported by your mate. When conflict arises within the relationship and you have a difference of opinion on an issue, instead of operating in the power of agreement, you could find yourself standing on opposite sides of your faith.

If God tells you to move one way, but they don't know how to pray for direction, then you can't walk in agreement! Consider what the word says in Amos 3:3,

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

Here's the bottom line: Just because someone sits in a church, doesn't make them a Christian, no more than sitting in a garage makes then a Cadillac. And just because someone has a great personality, with whom you share stimulating conversation and an intellectual connection... doesn't mean you're equally yoked!

Just because they go to church and listen to the same gospel music that you do, doesn't mean they share the same spiritual maturity that you do! 

While man looks on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart. He also sees your past, present and future, and He knows exactly what's best for you! He also knows that person’s history as well. 

And if God is saying that you're unequally yoked with this person, it’s because He's sees the condition and the intentions of their heart and He knows it will not work out for your good or His best! Even though that person may say they love you and they're committed to you, God knows their level of spiritual maturity and He knows if that will be a help or a hindrance to your faith. 

Trust me when I say, an open mouth that speaks of Godly things, is not the same as a yielded heart that's pliable in the Father's hand.

Be sure to seek God, with purpose and intention, before you making a relationship choice that you'll end up regretting. An unbeliever doesn't have to be someone who is unsaved... Operating at a lower level of faith is enough to breed discord in a marriage.





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