Your Name Is Purity!

The Father wants you to know that you're the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! (2 Corinthians 5:21)

This means, that even though you've sinned, when you repent and ask the Father to forgive you, the Father applies the blood of Jesus to your sin, and He takes it away from you forever! 

Then He receives you back to Himself, as His righteous child, and He sees you as a person of integrity, virtue and purity, who's in right standing with Him. You are acceptable to Him, you're accepted by Him and you're approved by Him as He divinely restores purity back to you! 

You may have traveled through the back alleys and the ditches and gutters of sin, but God sees you through the eyes of love and the redemption of Jesus Christ! Even though people may have called you slut, whore or sinner, even if you've earned those labels by the things you've done, God doesn't want you to see yourself that way. Your past may have tainted the way you see yourself, but once you get into right relationship with God, it's time to see yourself in a different light. 

In spite of all your sins, and all those labels, God yet calls you to Himself and He calls you by the new name of Purity! 

That's right! He calls you Purity, because that's who you are to Him!!!

He calls you Purity because He doesn't see you or judge you or reward you after the weaknesses of your flesh or the mistakes of your past. He doesn't see you as a worthless sinner, because He knows that by the blood of Jesus and with His help, you don't have to be that way! He calls you the way He sees you, because He knows that He has the power to change you! 

He can change the way you think about yourself, He can change the way you feel about yourself and He can change the way you see yourself! And it's essential that you see yourself as the righteousness of God, if you're ever going to behave like the righteousness of God. 

The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

This means that if you see yourself as sinful, filthy and weak to sin, then that's the way you will behave. But if you see yourself as a person of integrity, virtue and purity... A person who is loved by God, cleansed in the blood of Jesus and restored to a place of purity, you may not be so quick to jump back into the bed of sin! 

So here's the reality... If you have asked the Father to forgive your sins, then that's exactly what He's done. And right now... At this very moment... You are no longer a sinner!

You are a person of purity and you have the righteousness of God flowing through your veins! 

You're not fighting to get to a place of purity, you're not trying to make yourself clean from sin, you've already been made clean by the blood of Jesus! You are righteous before God! You are pure before God! You are in a state of holiness and you are in a state of purity... Right Now!!! 

Not because of anything you've done, but by the Love of the Father and the Blood of Jesus, you have been made pure!

Now it's your job to stay in that place of purity! It's your job to embrace your purity as a gift from the Father! That means, you must take responsibility to protect your purity at all cost! That gift of purity cost Jesus His life, so the least we can do is honor His sacrifice by living a lifestyle that honors Him! 

You can do that by first asking the Father to implant that vision in your heart, so that purity will become a reality in your daily life! Once purity becomes a part of your identity, then you'll wear it just like you wear your own name. As you see yourself as the righteousness of God and begin to identify with your new name of Purity, then the desires of your heart will change and you won't want to keep falling into sin again. 

And if that's what you really desire, then ask the Father to make it so in your life!

Now that you're in this place of purity and He calls you by that name, ask Him to help you change the way you think, and feel and see yourself! 

Ask Him to keep you from sin, by helping you avoid temptation, before you ever fall into sin again. 

Ask Him to teach you to recognize and avoid the traps and the tricks of the enemy that have tripped you up in the past! 

Ask Him to reveal your weaknesses and how you've used sex as a way to meet your physical and emotional needs in an unrighteous ways. 

Ask Him to heal you and teach you how to give and receive love in a righteous way.

Ask Him to show you how people have been a path to unrighteousness in your life and how your involvement with specific people, have led you into sin and kept you going back, even when you didn't want to be there!   

The word says to ask and you will receive and that goes for help with purity as well!

You can also begin to embrace purity by speaking that truth from your own mouth, hearing it with your own ears, so you can believe it in your heart and walk it out in your life! 

Make this your confession: 

My name is Purity and I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! He has applied the blood of Jesus to my sin, and taken that sin away from me forever! Therefore I am acceptable to God and approved by God! He has established me in purity and I see myself as a person of integrity, virtue and righteousness! I am a person of purity and I will think like it, feel like it and act like it, in the name of Jesus! Amen and So Be It! 

Now it's your job to see yourself that way, stay in that place and maintain it! Listen to this song by Bishop Paul S. Morton and sing this to the Father: "Open my eyes, help me believe, I am what you see!" 

God Bless you, Child of the King!!!



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