A Tribute to the Good Guys!

I came across this post on a Facebook page I followed entitled "All True Men." This piece really, really touched my heart and I just had to share! Far too many Good Guys don't get the credit and the praise they deserve! So if you're one of those very special, Great Guys, here's a shout out to you! 

Much Love & Enjoy!!! 

The Good Guys: 

We’re out here. Regardless if you've had the pleasure of enjoying our company or have, as of yet, missed experiencing what magic we can create in your life, we do exist. We’re the few but proud, the sweet but fiery, the strong yet humble. We’re the good guys and we’re simply asking for one chance; one chance to take your hand and capture your heart.

We’re the guys who will look you in the eye, softly shake your hand and respectfully smile when we’re first introduced. We’re the guys who will open the door for you and allow you to walk in ahead of us. We’re the guys who will pay for the entire meal and playfully scoff at you when you suggest we let you cover the tip. 

We’re the guys who know how to make you laugh and would never dream of making you cry. We’re the guys who wouldn't dare disrespect you by pressuring you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with. We’re the guys your friends approve of and wish they had. We’re the guys who are faithful to you and only you—respecting you when we’re with you and when we’re alone. 

We’re the guys who smile when we think of you and call just to say we’re thinking about you.

We’re the guys who write their own vows because no one else can properly express the way we feel about you. We’re the guys who make the best husbands because we treat you as an equal and not as a possession. We ‘re the guys who cook you dinner because we know you've had a rough day and going out to eat isn't the same as eating a meal prepared with love. We’re the guys that protect you and allow you to feel safe when the world is beating down your door. 

We’re the guys who remember your favorite song and hum it to you when you’re falling asleep in our strong arms. We’re the guys who can be the spiritual leader of a relationship—building a foundation of prayer and devotion so that our house may stand strong in Him.

There’s an army of us gentlemen and we know how to treat a lady. We know what it takes to make you happy and we strive every day to put you ahead of ourselves. We’re out here and all we need is a moment—a moment to make you sigh sweetly and smile eternal. 

We’re the good guys and we do exist. We just need a chance.

Amen, Brothers! Please know that there are some good girls out the praying for you as well! 




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