Looking For a Job 29 Man! by "All True Men"

Ladies: Date a Guy who aims to be JOB 29 MAN ....

Do you know the characteristics of Job 29, Man? Well, Let me tell you…

He is the kind of guy who would rather stay at home reading his bible and spending time with God worshiping Him than to be out partying with a group of friends on a Friday night.

He is the kind of guy who constantly longs for God’s presence and who walks closely with Him. He desires for his heart to be transformed into His. Even if life gets tough, he knows that The Mighty One is holding his every moment and nothing seemed to be too difficult for him.

He is also a genuine follower of Christ. He knows that in order to be a great leader, he needs to learn how to be a genuine follower. Don’t be surprise if this guy is well respected and everyone greets him & honors him. That’s because whenever he speaks, he speaks with love and grace. And when he walks, he walks with confidence and boldness Just like King David, he knows that his identity isn't based on his height or stature, but on Christ alone.

With that said, he is also very passionate about Jesus and His Gospel. You’ll know that he is because he will find a way to always help other people. He will help that blind lady cross the street and become her eyes, or even help that lame old man to stand up and be his feet. He will also stand up for those who are being mocked and persecuted. Even if it means him getting hurt, he will not fight back just like how Jesus did not fight back when He was being brutally tortured and beaten to death. That’s when you’ll know he is a solid follower of Christ.

Also don’t forget, if ever you get to sit next to him during worship, watch and observe him how he worships God. . I’m talking about eyes closed, hands raised or perhaps you’ll see him open His bible and even read and then next thing you know, he’s on his knees crying. It’s contagious! So you want to make sure you sit next to him during worship coz man, He knows how to worship Jesus with such reverence and awe.

One of the coolest things about a Job 29 Man is that he knows that he’s not perfect. He acknowledges his flaws and mistakes. But that doesn’t bother him because he knows that he is constantly being renewed everyday by His perfect Savior Christ. So it’s normal for him to be prideful sometimes, but whenever that happens, he immediately repents and turns his eyes to God.

Another thing about a Job 29 Man is that unlike any other guys, he has made a covenant with his eyes to not look at any woman lustfully. He knows that your beauty is far more than what you look like on the outside, it’s about letting Jesus shine from the inside. So for him, what matters is your heart, not any of your body ‘parts’.

He’s not the kind of guy who jumps from one girl to the other. No, he is patient and he waits upon the LORD and His perfect timing. He’s a hard worker and he knows not only he understands hard labor, but he understand what it means to work out his salvation by keeping God’s command and living out the gospel. He embraces Matthew 6:33 ‘to seek Him first and His kingdom and let the other things be given at the right time’.

So if you’re a Proverbs 31 Woman & If you end up dating a Job 29 Man, consider yourself blessed because it’s hard to find these kind of guys nowadays. Realize that if you have this kind of guy, the LORD has specifically hand picked him just for you and prepared the both of you for each other and for the gift of marriage and the ministry that He will set for both of you. That is to honor God and glorify Him by showing the world what a ‘real love’ should look like. You both are pretty much going to be the ‘power couple’!

So Ladies, if you’re single and not married and you have the desire to be married one day, this is probably the right time to for you to pray for your Job 29 Man. Why? Because this man is going to be the man who will love you, lead you, help you, defend you, cherish you, adore you, provide for you and raise your future kids and teach them the way of Jesus.

So yeah, date a guy who has all these God-given characteristics. Someone who is a Job 29 Man. Or better yet, 

.. Marry a guy who loves Jesus.. period.

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