Protect Our Babies!!!

In the last few weeks, I've ministered to women who have been the victims of sexual abuse in their childhood and teen years. As they work through their healing, to get free of the pain and the resulting bondage of sexual sin, my heart is heavy for them.

I find myself asking, "Where were the parents when all this was going on?"

Now I'm not blaming parents... I'm raising an awareness to cover your daughters! Cover them in prayer and cover them by keeping a watchful eye over them! Know where they are and who they're with, at all times and if they get mad, too bad! At least you know you've done your part to keep them safe!

Sadly, many women have been abused by people who they already know. What's worse is that many families leave their kids with family members who should not be trusted! If you have family members with pedofile issues, don't keep it a secret! If they've violated other family members in the past, or if it's even suspected, report them to the police and cut off ties with them! And that goes for boyfriends, deacons, pastors, youth leaders, "uncles", neighbors and coaches too!


Don't let your good be evil spoken of by trying to "protect" a grown man who doesn't know how to control his flesh! And don't be concerned about sowing seeds of discord in the family or in the church! If that kind of mess is going on, then there isn't any unity there anyway!!!

Don't ignore sexual abuse for the sake of keeping the peace! Think about your child's peace and the peace of every other little girl who could become a victim if you keep your mouth closed!

Our children are a blessing from the Lord and they must be protected at all cost!!!


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