"What Do You Want in a Husband, Daughter?"

"What do you want in a husband, daughter? What will truly satisfy you?" 

I was recently asked this question by God. In all honesty, it took me several days to respond. 

First of all, when God asks this kind of question, you don't want to mess it up and ask for something silly or frivolous. On top of that, if God gives me exactly what I ask for, I could end up waking up next to it for the rest of my life! Whew..... 

Gotta take my time, consider this carefully and ask wisely! AMEN?

I also know that these kinds of questions are designed to help us see exactly where our faith level rests. If we don't ask for what we want, that can mean we really don't believe God is able to deliver. It can also mean that we're not really ready to receive that request, so we falter and stagger at the promise of God by failing to ask for the right thing.  

Secondly, I realize this is an intensely personal issue and I had to be prepared to put my heart out there for everyone to see. It's no secret that I've been exploring a few relationships in the past few months and I'd never want one of those brothers to think this is a veiled message directed at them... (But then again, if the Nike fits...)

Moving forward...

Whether I was ready or not, the Father challenged me to define and articulate this need in my life in a very real way. First, so He has something to work with and second, so that I have something to which I can anchor my faith. 

He then asked me to share this, in order to help others do the same. Sure enough, the very morning I scribbled these notes in my journal, a sister reached out to me, that afternoon, with this request...

"I trust the wisdom God has placed in you... I desire to be married again, but I'm not sure what I should ask God for? What do you want in a husband? What kind of man have you asked God to bring you?"

WOW... MAJOR CONFIRMATION! So here goes...

Mimi's Husband Request #1
Father, I believe you to satisfy me with a husband, who will not only seek you to find me, but to seek you to become the priest and the pillar of our home... the best friend, life partner and lover that I need him to be. I realize that he will not get there unless you work in his life to teach, prepare and lead him to cover me!

Mimi's Husband Request #2

Father, I pray, that when I appear before my husband, he will rejoice and be excited that I've come into his life, because I'm the answer to his prayers and I fulfill the desires of his heart! I am truly not interested in anyone who is not interested in me and prepared to engage me on a serious level. I never want to have to convince a man that "I'm The One." He should know this in his own heart and mind and he should be able to articulate that if I am the desire of his heart!

Mimi's Husband Request #3

Father, I thank you that my husband will have a yielded heart, that is bent toward serving you, pleasing you and advancing the kingdom of God. I thank you for giving him a download of the purpose we are to accomplish as a couple. I pray you give him the ministry vision for us and I thank you for fully equipping him to eagerly carry out your plans. Please help him understand his role, my role and especially your role in everything you've called us to do. 

Mimi's Husband Request #4

Father, I ask that you create in my husband, a strong sense of integrity, such that he embraces truth in every area of his life. Give him the courage to be vulnerable enough to seek your face, in earnest. when he has needs, rather than allow pride to keep him in bondage or lack. Place Godly men in his life who will pray for him, encourage him and hold him accountable to the vows he makes to you, to me and to his family. 

Give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to lay and pray for him, to create and maintain an open heaven over his life, so that you will have access to work in and through him, to bring about growth and change in our lives and family. 

Mimi's Husband Request #5

Father, I want a man who is FUN! Someone who is easy to laugh, shows genuine care and concern for me and my kids and works to make our lives better. I desire a man who gets me and all my quirks and silliness, and still loves to celebrate who I am and what I bring to his life. 

I want a warm, vibrant, passionate love experience, that's a great blend of excitement and spontaneity, but also stable, solid and committed for the long haul, no matter what may come our way! 


Father God, I really hope you're getting all this and working on it right now, 'cause I'm getting excited just sharing about the awesome man you're preparing for me! Lol! WORK IT OUT, JESUS!!!

If you're inspired by my list, then take the time to dream a little and pray about what you truly desire in a husband. Then take your request before God and give Him the time to make it happen! For some, this may be the exact opposite of every relationship you've ever experienced! But that's okay... Sometimes we learn what we actually want, by recognizing what we don't want

Be Bless!

Mimi ~ Melissa Ewell Miller


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