Kingdom Mandated Marriages

There is indeed a Move of God taking place where He is identifying, connecting and raising up KINGDOM MANDATED MARRIAGES in this season. He has and is continuing to send many words of confirmation and instructions concerning this move. 

Understand that this is not about those who have "found" someone and brought that person to the Father saying, "This is the one I chose God, now make it happen!"

NO... This is about those Kingdom Mandated Marriages that have existed since the beginning of time, hidden in the heart of God, that HE is now bringing to YOU!!! 

And you will know them because your spirit man will recognize the divine as it passes before you... Not by natural sight, but by revelation of the Holy Spirit. Then when you connect, it will seem like you already know them, because this connection you share was made in the spirit realm by God Himself! 

You'll know it, when God graces you to see it, as it will be God-revealed and not according to the flesh or the emotions! This is a purely spiritual act of God!!!

So Yes... It's happening... God is doing it... And He's doing it NOW!!! 

God says, many of you have "definitively" heard Him speak about leading you into love and marriage, in private, and now He will begin to manifest this reality in your life! He's shown you the vision for your marriage and now He's saying that It's time for the vision to speak, to breathe life and to live! It's time for the dream to now become a reality! HALLELUJAH!!! 

Yes, this declaration may strike fear in the hearts of some reading this, but God says, 

"Do not fear! This is MY will, by MY divine design and I will perfect, provide and perform all that is required to bring this vision to pass in your life! Right now, it may not look like it's possible... And it's true that there are issues that need to be resolved. Healing that must come, but it will all come IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME! 

It is what is it today, and it may look crazy... But it is not what it will be when I am finished processing and preparing you! Do not get into a hurry as it may not happen overnight, but you must say "Yes" for the process to begin! So just say yes....

YES to the vision that GOD has revealed to your heart! 
YES to accept this vision and promise as His will for your life! 
YES to agree to begin the journey!
YES to let the processing begin!
YES to walking out the vision to become all the God has created you to be and accomplish all that God has ordained you to do!!!

Amen & Amen!

*** On a personal note, I truly rejoice over this word, as this a part of the ManFast Ministries International mandate that God spoke to us in 2011! Ever since He spoke this to us, our ministry team has been contending in prayer and in faith for these MANDATED MARRIAGES  to be birthed and to come forth, in the name of Jesus!!!  And now we are SO EXCITED to see the fruit of our prayers coming to pass right before our eyes! 

It's also exciting as many are carrying a promise of love in their hearts from God as well, and we're looking forward in faith, to see God fulfill His word to us personally! We have believed and now we are ready to receive! 

God Bless and I hope this brings confirmation, hope and joy to the hearts of many, many precious people of God!

With Great Joy,

Ap. Mimi 


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