Releasing This Word For 2015 & Beyond! 

To Experience What God Has Promised, We Must Know & Believe What God Has Said, Why He Said It & When He's Ordained It To Come To Pass!  

In This Season, God Has Marriage On His Mind! He's Raising Up An Abundance of Strong, Healthy, Mandated Marriages... For The Purpose Of Releasing A Wave of Holy Love Into The Earth... With The Intention of Drawing People To Him...To Heal Hearts, Minds and Lives! 

This Is Not Just Personal... It's Kingdom!!! It's A Divine Collision of Destinies!

Several weeks ago, I heard God say that some of us will experience a true whirlwind, earth-
shaking romance! 
Meaning... The collision of your two destinies, will create a major atmospheric shift, that will be felt on multiple levels, in multiple realms! Your new conjoined kingdom purpose, will created a new space in the spirit realm, that never existed before, and the rest of the earth will have no choice but to adjust to your new identity as a power couple in the earth! 
"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10: 7-9.

And here is a specific word for someone Father Has Been Dealing With About Love... 
God has shown you The One your heart loves... Whether you're willing to admit it or not... He's spoken to you about loving one of His treasured gifts, but you haven't really acknowledged it or acted on it. 
Yet, He's confirmed it so many times, that it's just obvious, beyond doubt, that the season of love has come for you! It's like, every time you turn one way, somebody is talking about love and marriage. Then you turn the other way, you keep bumping into that individual! It's as if the atmosphere around your life is permeated with LOVE!
You may not feel ready for it... You may not be comfortable approaching or engaging that person in this way... You may not be ready to shift and change your entire life to accommodate having this new love in your life! 
But if God is speaking that strongly... If love is speaking that loudly, it's not just you and it's not just about you! It's the divinely orchestrated eternal Vision of God, breathing, living and speaking... revealing and disclosing the divine counsel of Father's heart! 
So it's not the time to argue, hide, deny or panic over what you hear God saying... It's Time to Agree With God, Accept His Will, Open Your Hear to His Perfect and Eternal Plans and Surrender to Love! 
It's Simply Time To Surrender to Love! It's Time... That Is All!


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