A Season of Accelerated Love ~ Part 2

A Visitation of Angels!

This visitation took place back in January and I believe God would have me share it with all those who are hearing God speak of love to come in this season. 

When I posted the first word on Accelerated Marriages, I had been up all night, worshiping, praying and seeking the Lord. He'd been ministering to me for several hours when he had me post this word on Accelerated Love. It was nearly 4:30 am when I finally laid my head to the pillow. It only seems like moments since I closed my eyes, when in the spirit, I saw a wave of light stream across my bedroom! 

I lifted my head to see what it was, and I saw before me, a Chorus of Angels entering my bedroom, filing in from the right to the left, until they were surrounding the foot of my bed. There were many rows of this Angelic Chorus such that I could not see the end of them! 

When I asked Father what was going on, He said the Angels had been sent to BRING HEAVENLY ANNOUNCEMENTS OF LOVE TO THE EARTH!!!

They then began singing the most loveliest song! It was so light and sweet and beautiful, only I could not understand the words they were singing. (I am praying for Father to release the words to that heavenly melody!) There was also a sweet fragrant scent that filled my room... It was strangely familiar, but not a fragrance I can name or identify. It smelled like honey and jasmine and spices... It was wonderfully delicious!!!

I listened for a few moments for anything else the Lord had to say, but nothing else came during this encounter. However, a few days later, it became crystal clear that a man who I recently met, was actually the one God has chosen to be my husband. And shortly after this, several more of my friends encountered the loves of their lives as well. 

As I shared my visitation with others, the expectation of many, many believers has skyrocketed as Father is releasing Mandated Marriages in this hour as never before! I encourage each of you to be in expectation of the visitation of the Angelic Chorus as well as the appearance of Holy Love in your lives!

Amen & God Bless!

Ap. Mimi 


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