A Season of Accelerated Love

I Can Hear the Spirit of The Lord Speaking About LOVE.... And this is what He has to say.....

Yes! This is a Season of Accelerated Love as Father continues to raise up and bring together Mandate Marriages! God is doing a new thing, very quickly, for those who are consistently moving in sync and obedience with him! For those who have heard in their spirit, the divine song of love that's flowing from the Father's heart, if they will follow that heavenly melody, it will lead them to the one whom their heart loves! And they will see this manifestation of love come in an accelerated way. 

Although God is moving swiftly and definitively in this area, these believers will not be unprepared, for there is so much revelation and clarity being released in this hour. If they are hearing, capturing and obeying the voice of the Lord, individually, when they come together, there will be multiple levels and acts of confirmation to share and compare! As God is moving by His Spirit, He's releasing signs, wonders, dreams, visions and prophetic declarations - leaving breadcrumbs and earmarks all around this process of conjugation - the evidence of the handiwork of the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Matchmaker, the Harmonizer and Unifier of Hearts! 

As the vision of God's plans of love, begins to breathe, live and speak, the Bride and the Bridegroom, who have heard the Word of the Lord, so clearly and distinctly, will find that everything will line up and flow, as they continue to be led by the workings of God's spirit!

The timing and the development of many of these Mandate Marriages may seem unexpected or rushed, like they just came out of nowhere! But the eternal love stories of these Collisions of Divine Destiny, have been written upon the tablets of God's heart for eons and it's in this Appointed Season of Favor and Blessing that He is birthing them forth and presenting them to the world! 

Understand however, that this is not the kind of thing that you can drum up or conjure up and call God! These are divine secrets being released out of God's heart for specific people, in this specific season, according to the desires and the counsels of His heart! You cannot just "find" someone you like, drag them to the Father, and ask Him to bless it!

No... Father is doing the selecting, the arranging, the preparing and the releasing, all according to what PLEASES HIS HEART and what's based on the needs of the KINGDOM and the Conjoined PURPOSE of your lives! So understand... This is Not Just Personal... This is about Purpose and It's about the Kingdom! 

This means, if He has not specifically spoken to you about loving someone in particular, then you're still in the "waiting, praying and seeking God's face" season, and that's where you need to stay! For if you remain in that humble place of surrender and serenity, resting at your Father's feet, listening to the whispers of His heart, He will bring all the healing, clarity and instruction that you need to engage love in a healthy way! Then in due season, He will awaken your heart to love, as He releases you to receive the one He's ordained for you to love, to serve and to bless all the days of your life! 

And it is indeed, due season for many in this year! If God has been dealing with you, speaking to you by His spirit, through His word, through His trusted, anointed vessels, through dreams, signs and wonders, then it's time to receive His promise and surrender to love! For it is the time and it is the season for Holy Love to be released and to affect the lives of people in every area of life!

I rejoice and I am glad at this word as well as all that God is doing in the lives of His people... Especially those I know personally who are being joined together and prepared to enter into Mandated Marriages, just as Father has promised!!!

Amen & Amen!

Praying For All Who Desire Love, To Find Love By Revelations of the Holy One!

Ap. Mimi

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