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The ManFast Journey Class

Exclusively for Women Who Desire to Experience 
Holy Love & Marriage by God’s Divine Design. 

If That’s You, Join Us For This Life-Changing Six-Week Course To Take You From…
  • Sexual Sin to Holiness
  • Brokenness to Wholeness
  • Loneliness to Love

ManFast Classes Will Provide:

*Bible-based Wisdom on the Heart of God Concerning Love, Romance and Marriage
*Anointed Ministry and Prayer for Heart Healing, Relationship Trauma and Soul Ties
*Personal Guidance on Trust Issues, Expectations for Love and the Power of Choice
*Deeper Revelations on Love, Sex, Dating, and Being Ready for Marriage

 Participants Will Receive:

*Exclusive Call-In Number and Access Code
*Audio Download of Each Session
*E-Version of The ManFast Class Training Guide
*Group Discussions including Q&A Sessions with the Facilitator
*One-On-One Mentoring (Available during and after completion of the class)

Class Itinerary:

Week 1 – The Introduction to Everything Involving ManFast. This includes the meaning of a ManFast, the reasons you may need a ManFast, what you can expect during the ManFast Journey and the Phases of ManFast.

Week 2 - The Reality Phase is a reality check. A time to get real with yourself and get real with God about your issues with relationship drama and trauma, your sexuality, sexual sin and the true condition of your heart.

Week 3 - The Reflection Phase is when we will take a deeper look into your love life… Not just what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it. We’ll look at the reasons behind your actions and explore where the work needs to be done. The goal is not to shame, but to empower you to change.

Week 4 - The Repentance Phase will address how to make the necessary adjustments and course corrections in your life, so you can receive heart healing and connect with God on a deeper level. This phase will help you to align more closely with God as you allow Him to prepare and position you to receive holy love by His divine design.

Week 5 - The Rebuilding Phase helps to establish pathways of righteousness in your life. This phase will help you learn to build positive relationships, and how not to fall back into your old, destructive habits. You will also learn to establish a strong spiritual foundation, while gaining the skills to become a strong, loving, godly wife.

Week 6 - The Rejoicing Phase is the last phase and it’s designed to look back over your progress and see how far you’ve come. This phase will help you begin to visualize your dreams and goals for the future and to learn how marriage fits into God’s overall blueprint for life. 

The ManFast training class starts you on the journey of partnering with God, to allow Him to prepare and position you, to receive the holy love He’s purposed for you. If this is what you need, register for the ManFast Class today and let the journey to love begin.


Sessions Held Weekly: Saturday, February 2, 2019 thru Saturday, March 9, 2019** 

Cost per Session: $20 USD ($120.00 Total – Payment Installments Available)

Register or Submit Questions:

**Private One-On-One Sessions Available 

Spaces Is Limited!! Register Today!! 

Classes Conducted by Apostle Mimi Ewell
ManFast Ministries International
Founder and Facilitator 

About ManFast and Apostle Mimi - 

ManFast Ministries International was launched ManFast in 2009 as a premier relationship and marriage ministry. By 2013, ManFast had a global impact in 33 nations. As it's founder and leader, Apostle Mimi has helped countless believers experience love, romance and God's purpose for emotional and sexual wholeness. Many, who have benefited from her unique anointing and uncommon wisdom concerning love and romance,  have been blessed to experience a mandated marriage, according to God's divine design. A native of Los Angeles, California, Apostle Mimi graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge and has spent much of her life serving the kingdom by laboring and ministering on a global platform. As a wife, mother, mentor and adviser, Apostle Mimi currently serves as an apostolic missionary to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and other nations. 


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